I chose Bead by Bead as the name of my blog after a chance encounter with a library book.

The book is Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird”.  I came across it at my local library in the new releases section and the title caught my eye.  This was mostly because my husband Joel is a devout birder.  When I looked closer, I saw “some instructions on writing and life” and was even more intrigued.  Joel has his own web page and published infrequently to it.  I thought it would be a great aid to him to increase his writing output so I checked it out.  Well, I read it first and loved it.  “Bird by bird” became a favorite expression in our house as an approach to tackling any big projects.  Over time, it became “bead by bead” for me.  It’s how I bead.  Off loom beadwork consists of a needle, a single length of thread, and the addition of beads pretty much one at a time.  False starts and bad concepts are part of the process.  I’ve found it helpful to just set them aside and begin anew, building bead by bead.